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September 3, 2008

Liberals Don’t Have Babies Anymore

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A lifelong liberal I’m not sure how this truth had escaped me for this long, but the recent news has made the once hidden become obvious, liberals don’t have babies. That’s because we’re a bunch of abortion touting, fetus hating commies. After all the fact that the Palins “walk the walk” by not aborting their children as some sort of campaign slogan certainly would imply that liberals do not. Perhaps it snuck past me because when I was born my mother was a conservative. It was only later that my father converted her to be a true blue liberal. Come to think of it, she never had a baby as a liberal!

This is an abrupt departure from how things used to be. Back in the day it was the liberals’ teens who got pregnant, what with all their prophylactics and birth control that didn’t work. They didn’t understand that a good education at home on the virtues of abstinence could prevent teen pregnancy. If a teen got pregnant then there’s no question, the parents were at fault for not providing a good set of values for her. It was all that liberal voting that led her astray I’m sure. Of course how those parents got to be parents remains a mystery, since liberals don’t have babies and all. Or, perhaps they were that other type of liberals who like to have babies “for the welfare money.” You know the ones, the crack whore moms who squeeze out the pups and then use the money to buy the drugs? Ah yes. Some liberals do have babies.

Now we see that when a conservative has a baby, she’s the model of promise and virtue and all things holy. Somehow all that virtuous “family value” education paid off, and the 17 year old girl who was rolling around in the pick up on one of those sunlit midnights in Alaska with her soon to be hubby got herself conceived, impregnated like, but decided to have the child anyway. I’ve got nothing against her, and I’m not attacking her. Teen girls get pregnant all the time. What I have a problem with is the blatant hypocrisy of the Christian right who are exploiting her pregnancy in what must be a very problematic time for her. It’s like a celebration of immorality as they parade this unwed woman, the very type they’ve been blasting for the last quarter century, as some sort of model of virtue and goodness. Have they no shame? On the one hand they want to look at her having her baby, which is fine, but what right do they have to suggest that getting married and raising the child is the only virtuous alternative to abortion? It’s probably not the best thing for the daughter, her boyfriend or her baby. Why not consider adoption? Why not at least acknowledge that there are other alternatives?

Consider the words of Christ, “Hypocrites! Well has Isaiah prophesied concerning you, saying, “This people honors Me with their lips, but their heart stays far away from Me” (Matt 15:7-8) It seems they apply in this situation. Again and again it seems that the Republican Christian Right will lie, cheat and steal an election, all the while talking out of the other side of their about “family values.” Now they are running a campaign with an adulterer for President and the mother of pregnant teen for the Vice President (perhaps they misunderstood the word “vice” here), and once again they are extolling them as “virtuous.” They are going to parade her out as a hero tonight, and her boyfriend, (soon to be shotgun wed husband) who would be a registered sex offender in most any state but Alaska, and they are going to pay homage to her for having a baby.

I’ve often wondered what value there is to the Republican Party. I consider that Lincoln was a pretty good President (though he was completely unqualified when he took office, what being a first term Senator from Illinois with no executive experience taking over in a time of crisis). Teddy Roosevelt was a great president, perhaps one of the most progressive in our history. In fact he was the first President to advocate for national health care! Of course there’s little doubt where he’d line up now on policy. Honest Abe! So what’s the good of Republicans? Why do we keep them around? Apparently we need them. After all without them who would keep up the human race, and by “human” I mean the ones that aren’t on welfare.


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