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September 24, 2008

McCain’s Bailout!

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Does anyone really buy this? John McCain is actually calling this “suspending the campaign.” If anyone does then I have stock in Lehman Brothers I’d like to sell them! This is campaigning, and its typical transparent Republican drivel trying to distract from the issues.

First, this is a façade. It is John McCain trying to present himself as being “bigger” than the campaign. He’s been trying to make this point all along in little snippets about Obama saying things “to get elected” as though he were running his own campaign to not get elected. Let there be no mistake about this. McCain is not “suspending” his campaign, he is campaigning by suspending his campaign.

Second, the notion of John McCain solving this problem is akin to that of a monkey solving a Rubik’s Cube; it’s highly improbable that it would ever happen, and if it did, it’s doubtful that either McCain or the monkey would even know. McCain has already demonstrated time and again that he understands neither the nature of the problem nor the nature of the solution. He’s offered all grandstanding and no insight. I would urge all of Congress, please, please, PLEASE, keep John McCain as far away from this process as possible. When it’s all done you can let him back in to vote for it, but what we don’t need in the discussion is grandstanding disguised as debate.

Third, McCain has been trying to dodge the debate all along. Make no mistake about it, that’s precisely what that whole “Town Hall” thing was all about. The only fact he seems to be aware of is that the facts are on Obama’s side. As is typical of Republicans he’s seizing on disaster and using it as opportunity. The bottom line is that he’s going to have a hard time telling the lies about Obama with Obama in the room, standing next to hear, and fully able to defend himself in front of a neutral audience. Heck McCain might even have to learn what countries are still countries and what nations they border if he is going to stand a remote chance in the debate.

Fourth, McCain had a disaster last week and the polls are showing it. People saw what would happen if there was a McCain presidency and even George Will got scared. All of this is nothing more than a desperate attempt to salvage a shipwreck of a campaign. He’s trying to appear Presidential now, since he showed he wasn’t last week. Sorry Mr. McCain, we need you to act Presidential the day of a crisis, not a week and a half later following a series of misguided and confused panicked moves.

Lastly McCain is trying to present himself as the one who is going to unite the Parties and bridge the gap. McCain apparently doesn’t read the news. The Democratic congress is already working with the Bush Administration, and seemingly not only without McCain’s help but over his protests. McCain, the so called “Straight Talk Express” is getting a lot less straight in his talk. It seems he might be “demagoguing” the bill for political advantage in the campaign. Essentially he’s trying to tap into the voter anger over the need for a bailout, and this is nothing more than blowhard posturing.

Let’s just hope the MSM sees this for what it is and don’t let the inevitable Republican talking points about how McCain is “putting country first” actually become the story here. No, the real story here is that this is McCain’s bailout.


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  1. McSame probably needs more time to prep Bush with a bush.

    Comment by Crazy Canton Cuts — September 24, 2008 @ 6:49 pm | Reply

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