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October 13, 2008

Hatred and Glass Houses

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John McCain has demanded that Barack Obama renounce the remarks of John Lewis, who said McCain had been “sowing the seeds of hatred and division.” McCain seems to believe the remarks are “beyond the pale.” Before McCain throws too many stones here, he really should take note that he is standing in a glass house. He is, after all, a man who has literally spent millions of dollars over the last few weeks to persuade Americans that Obama is a terrorist sympathizer who is not to be trusted.

There can be no question there has been hatred and scorn pronounced at the McCain and Palin rallies. Shouts of “terrorist,” “traitor” and “kill him” have become a veritable staple at McCain’s campaign stops. For a week these continued, unhindered, unabated by McCain or Palin. Through all of the hate for the first four days, even when the chant to kill him was heard, they did nothing. Perhaps McCain sees no link between threatening the life of the first black nominee of a major party, and the hate rhetoric of George Wallace, but to fail to see it would require a blindness that would make the most persuasive argument yet against a McCain presidency. It’s my opinion though, that John McCain is smarter than that. He knows. His pretense at being decent for a moment on Friday night for five minutes demonstrates that much.

Yet what the repudiation of the lady who made the “Arab” comment didn’t address is that Obama, too, is a patriot who loves his country. It’s a nice start that he admit Obama’s a decent man, but what about all the accusations he’s been making directly or by proxy, through his running mate and messages he’s “approved?” This notion that somehow the masses whom he’s incited and the message he’s delivered to them are disconnected is what is beyond the pale. This hatred was not summoned out o nowhere, it was in fact sown, and it is now being reaped. McCain and Palin ask us to take note of their faith, but I’d ask them to take note of their Bible. In Galatians 6:7 Paul maintains that we reap according to what is sown. Ergo, we can know by the fruit what the seed is. McCain’s campaign has reaped hatred and death threats, yet he would have us believe that is not what he’s sown, and McCain hardly stands alone here. Joe Scarborough and a host of conservative pundits all, with all the sincerity of a prepubescent villain with the proverbial hand in the cookie jar, offer up their dismay as to why anyone would even consider it.

The defense Scarborough offered was mind boggling. According to Morning Joe, he thinks both sides are at fault, the radicals on the right who show up and yell “kill him” at the rallies and the folks on the left who “can’t admit that Obama’s middle name is Hussein.” Joe then went on a 10 minute diatribe about how it is a good Muslim name and nothing to be ashamed of, and then said that it was racist for liberals to deny that Obama’s middle name was Hussein. After punching myself in the head a couple of times to make sure I was awake, and then rewinding the DVR to watch the painful diatribe again, I realized I wasn’t having a dream, I was awake and the argument was actually being made. Yes he was equating yelling death threats with denying Barack’s middle name. Of course all cloaked in this “moderate” stance was the insinuation that Obama is a Muslim, which he isn’t. And let’s not forget the obvious point that no one is denying Obama’s middle name. The only reason that is used though, is because of its coincidence with a certain famous Arab’s whose name is associated with terrorism. Even in their mock dismay they continue the attack and demand that Obama should condemn accurate remarks, because those accurate remarks are condemning the very fire they are stoking. Honestly the only thing wrong with remarks that Lewis made is that McCain hadn’t made them already. Consider what he didn’t condemn.

McCain refused to condemn the remarks of Virginia State Party Chair, Jeffrey Fredrick, who said that the similarity between Obama and Osama is that they “Both have friends that bombed the Pentagon. That is scary” He refused to condemn the remarks of Fox News correspondent Linda Trotter when she suggested it would be “good” if someone “knocked off” Obama. He refused to personally condemn Pastor Arnold Conrad, who suggested that any who are opposed to McCain are opposed to God himself, and thus, His enemy while he offered the invocation at McCain’s rally. McCain refused to condemn his running mate for saying that Obama is “palling around with terrorists.” McCain never pulled the ads which suggest Obama is a terrorists. McCain has either passively or actively been involved in much of the stoking which has resulted in the kind of spite at his rallies, yet has never said a word, except that “Obama is not an Arab, he’s a decent man.” I don’t see where Obama needs to condemn Lewis’ comments, and I don’t see anything wrong with the comments themselves. I sincerely mean it when I say that I hope it does not take a bullet for McCain to realize the consequences of his campaign.



  1. *stands & applauds*

    not far from my house, someone put up a sign, that has obama’s pic, sadam’s pic & bin ladens picture on it. i got out of my car on the way home & ripped it off their lawn.

    thank you kelly for keeping it real, for blogging the truth & for having an open mind. this whole
    link to, is the biggest crock of sht i’ve ever heard!

    i’m sorry it’s my own party doing it……one more reason why i’m crossing party lines this year!

    Comment by CK0712 — October 13, 2008 @ 7:34 pm | Reply

  2. ck–
    I’m glad your open minded enough to see through the smoke.

    Normally, I don’t condone sign-theft. That’s getting pretty close to hate speech though, so I can understand it.

    My sister-in-law’s mother has a nicer strategy. Whenever she sees a sign, she gets home and calls the person, and discusses policy with them. A lot of lawns have changed sides in her neighborhood.

    Comment by kelly — October 13, 2008 @ 7:39 pm | Reply

  3. McSame is getting desperate

    Comment by 3rdStoneFromTheSun — October 13, 2008 @ 10:49 pm | Reply

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