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October 24, 2008

Three Parts Crazy, Three Parts Stupid, Two Parts Liar, and All McCain

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I keep looking at this Todd story, and it’s been beat to death all day long, but it’s been hectic and busy, and I still have to type this one out. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or just shake my head in disbelief. I keep trying to figure, was she more stupid or crazy? I mean this woman carved her own face up to “prove” a point that wasn’t true. Seriously! What is wrong with these people? The conservative pundits were on this thing all day long. I didn’t hear Rush’s comments, but I imagine he was prattling away about this, the same way he was blaming “Obama supporters” for trashing Norm Coleman’s house (while ignoring that Amy Klobuchar, the other Minnesota Senator and a Democrat also had her house trashed by the same people).

Violent language at McCain and Palin rallies begin to escalate into violence at McCain and Palin rallies as a group of “little old ladies” all attacked a couple of young men who were videotaping the verbal hate at a McCain rally. A dead bear cub was found on a college campus, draped in Obama signs. A man was stopped by the McCain campaign from passing out literature saying that Obama was an “Islamic Socialist.” Rush Limbaugh accused of Collin Powell of not being able to get past race in making an endorsement for Obama. Supporters of Obama, who had signs on their lawns, received death threats unless they removed their signs. A supposedly “Christian” lady said that she couldn’t “imagine a President named Obama“. In Texas an Obama worker had his car trashed while he had dinner with friends. At a McCain rally Robin Hayes said “liberals hate real Americans that work, and achieve and believe in God.” And while McCain was virtually silent on all of this, all the while insisting that he’s always the first person to stand up such things, and at the same time arguing that the same things were being said and done at Obama rallies (of which there is no evidence) it became more and more apparent that there was a discrepancy in the reality and perception that McCain was trying to create. Ashley Todd to rescue, ready to add her brand of crazy and stupid to the already illustrious mix!

You really have to wonder what she was thinking as she carefully drew the fake black eye on herself and carefully carved that backwards “B” on her face. Was she thinking, “I’ll show them that Obama supporters are just as nasty as we are!?” Was she thinking, “I’m going to HELP John McCain be the next PRESIDENT of the United STATES!” I mean seriously, what was passing through that Palin sized brain of hers? And as I followed the progression of the story through the day by the browser on my cell phone and read various comments and explanations about how a 5 inch knife barely left a scratch, why it was a backwards “B” (upside down they claimed), or how it was so utterly perfectly drawn, as though no struggle ensued, no reflexive pulling away from the knife held to her face, the thing that I kept asking myself is “stupid or crazy.” Only thing is now I wasn’t asking it about her I was asking it about all the loons who were buying this story, and flocking to her defense. I mean even the description of her attacker, a 6 foot 4 BLACK man with BLACK shirt and BLACK jeans and BLACK shoes should have made someone wonder.

Then the inevitable started to happen, the very thing Todd was hoping for, bloggers and commenters alike started to draw a line from the guy that attacked Todd to the guys that were yelling “kill him” and “terrorist” at the McCain and Palin rallies. Now let’s set aside for the moment the most obvious distinction, the McCain supporters were real and the Obama supporting mugger was fictional, and consider the analogy. There’s an obvious distinction in that McCain WAS THERE and Obama WASN’T! Somehow Obama is just as responsible for the actions any of the 50 million plus people who plan to vote for him (real or imagined) as McCain is for the tone and tenor of his own rallies. So as I started to realize this I had to come to grips with another part “stupid” and another part “crazy” to add to the illustrious Todd, along with all those McCain supporters.

And as I was considering this there was another thing that kept gnawing on me all through the day. It reminded me of another story, Joe the Plummer. Both thrust themselves into the spotlight based on complete and total fabrications. For all the talk about Joe the Plumber and whether he’s a plumber or whether he even pays his taxes, for all his quoting him and presenting him as the “everyman” McCain seems to forget the most telling thing about the whole exchange with Obama, that the entire thing was a lie. Sam wasn’t going to buy a 250 thousand dollar business, he was lying through his teeth. Todd wanted to tell a story but she too had to make one up to get it out? What does it tell us about McCain’s message that the only two “real Americans” that he can point to are liars? What does he think of us when he says that liars represent the “real America?”

Where did you go John McCain? Where’s “maverickness” that you are so proud of? Why don’t you stop using your campaign to sell liars as real Americans. Why haven’t you fired Todd yet? Why haven’t you publicly acknowledged that Joe the Plumber lied? Why haven’t you publically renounced all these things that your supporters are doing? Why do you dismiss it as just crazy people but refuse to tell these people that they shouldn’t be doing and saying these things on your behalf. No, I don’t think you are responsible for every crazy, stupid, lying thing done on your behalf, but I think you are responsible to denounce them, especially since you claim you do. So until you do, I think this might be three parts crazy, three parts stupid, and two parts liar, but I think it’s all John McCain.


*EDIT* Now I just read that the McCain campaign pushed this story long before all the facts were out, and it sounds like the Pittsburgh police are peeved about it. Additionally, the Obama campaign is RIGHTLY pointing out that the McCain camp was wrong to so irresponsibly push such a potentially racially charged incident.



  1. i had some “phone” calls over this. sick, truly sick!

    Comment by CK0712 — October 25, 2008 @ 4:54 pm | Reply

  2. The MSM didn’t report very much on THIS attack, which was real and witnessed by police officers.

    That could either be because the Obama campaign didn’t make a talking point out of it, or because the MSM decided it would hurt the GOP if it got out before the convention.

    In any event, I didn’t see a whole lot about it.

    Man arrested in slashing of Obama campaigner

    Jaxon Van Derbeken, Chronicle Staff Writer

    Friday, August 29, 2008

    (08-28) 21:51 PDT San Francisco —

    A man was arrested Thursday after he verbally abused and then allegedly slashed the face of a Barack Obama campaigner in downtown San Francisco, police said.

    The 6 p.m. attack on the unidentified 35-year-old male campaign activist occurred as he was working at Fifth and Market streets, police said. The campaigner had a permit, and officers nearby witnessed what happened next.

    According to police, the unidentified suspect approached and began to shout slurs and insults at the campaigner, who listened, thanked the man for his views and asked him to leave.

    The angry man complied, but quickly returned and pulled out a knife and slashed the victim in the face. The two officers who witnessed the attack responded, one arresting the suspect and the other driving the victim to the hospital. He suffered non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

    E-mail Jaxon Van Derbeken at

    This article appeared on page B – 12 of the San Francisco Chronicle

    Comment by JMarra — October 25, 2008 @ 4:55 pm | Reply

  3. I made the mistake the other day of talking with a coworker about the campaign while on the sales floor where a customer could overhear us. We weren’t talking about anything major, nor were we arguing in any way, shape or form (both of us long ago made our decision). But the customer, a rabid McCain supporter for reasons unknown, claimed that Obama wasn’t a patriot because he didn’t put his hand over his heart in that photograph and supposedly attended flag burnings.

    When I mentioned that the picture was taken during the National Anthem instead of the Pledge of Allegiance (my biggest mistake), he went off on me, saying that it didn’t matter and that he wasn’t a patriotic American. After that, I kept my mouth shut and left the area, but he purposefully followed me back to my department and bragged that he had already voted (my response was, “that’s great”).

    This was really the first time I got a taste of how fanatical Republican zealots can be (though it was tame compared to the Todd story). Let’s just say that I won’t talk politics outside of the breakroom again, at least until after the election.

    Joe the Grad Student

    Comment by Joe — October 27, 2008 @ 9:04 am | Reply

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