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November 4, 2008

Watch the Election Results on the Quill

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I’ll be hosting a live blog monitoring the election throughout the evening. Feel free to post any comments and bring in the next President with me.


5:13 PM—The first polls have closed but we haven’t heard any actual counts yet. CNN is reporting that according to their exit polling the #1 issue on voters mind is the economy. Big surprise there, but it bodes well for Obama.

5:21 PM—The first results from Kentucky are trickling in and McCain is ahead, but it’s just a trickle. Kentucky isn’t really anything remotely expected to be for Obama anyway. More interesting is waiting to see the Indiana Results start to come in.

5:31 PM—CNN is reporting that according to their exit polling 70 percent of voters think that Obama will raise their taxes, which means that the McCain lie got through. What’s interesting though is that it didn’t seem to matter.

5:33 PM—The first results for Indiana are coming in and Obama is ahead 55-44, I’m pretty sure that’s going to change and get much tighter. It’ll be interesting.

5:37 PM—More votes from Indiana trickle in and its 50-49 Obama , and it’ll probably hang around there all evening. Indiana won’t be a quick call tonight.

5:40 PM—ABC News is reporting that only 13 percent of the vote was African-American, perhaps not the number that Obama was hoping for. What’s interesting is that the highest black turnout may be in Pennsylvania, and it is as a direct result of the Jeremiah Wright ad put out by the RNC in that state.

5:46 PM—Indiana results continue to come in. With 2 percent in he still has about a 700 vote lead, and is up 50-49 percent. If Obama wins Indiana this is so over. I should point out that those precincts that are coming in now aren’t the urban areas where Obama is expected to do better.

5:52 PM—On Kentucky, I’m looking for the Senate Race with Lunsford because that would bode well for a filibuster proof Senate.

5:55 PM—On MSNBC they are reporting that the Republicans are essentially conceding the Dole will lose. If Hagin and Lunsford win their Senate seats, then Franken (MN) and Beich (AK) can give us the 60 we need in the Senate.

5:59 PM—McCain has pulled slightly ahead in IN by about 350 votes, still no urban areas reporting yet though. I think Obama might actually have a shot there.

6:00 PM—CNN is projecting Kentucky for McCain and Vermont for Obama. Indiana is too close to call. South Carolina is too close to call early, which is pretty fascinating. A lot of red states are too close to call.

6:03 PM—Warner wins the open Virginia seat, which is a pickup for the Dems in the Senate, so now we’re officially 52-48.

6:10 PM—Still waiting for some results on the 6:00 PM closings, but Indiana continues to trickle in and Obama holds steady. Still no urban precincts reporting though.

6:13 PM—Obama is back in the lead in Indiana, up by about 4000 votes.

6:23 PM—I’m trying to not go into a panic as McCain is taking an early 53-47 lead in the overall numbers. Then I stop and look and realize that it’s that close, it’s early, and all the reporting precincts were Bush states in ’00 and ’04.

6:25 PM—McCain is pulling away a bit in Indiana, but again, it’s almost all rural vote.

6:30 PM—Obama is taking a big lead in Florida (40,000 votes), but I’m not sure about the precincts.

6:33 PM—The first North Carolina votes are coming in and Obama has an early lead there.

6:35 PM—The national numbers are starting to favor Obama, whose up by 40,000 votes overall now.

6:57 PM—McCain is getting projected to win South Carolina. That was once again, expected. Obama is doing very well in Florida, but again, I don’t know the map well enough to speculate on the precincts.

7:00 PM—Eight new projections, MA, MN, IL, DE, MD, VT and CN and DC for Obama and OK and TN for McCain. The EV count is now 81-34 Obama. CBS is giving NH to Obama and W. VA to McCain.

7:06 PM—ABC is projecting PA for Obama. That gives Obama 100 EV, and pretty much, the election.

7:08 PM— is running a real time, actual vote map. It’s pretty interesting.

7:11 PM—North Carolina and Indiana both continue to look realistic for Obama. If he picks up one or both you can all but call the election. If he wins Florida it’s going to be a landslide.

7:13 PM—WOW!!! What difference between the McCain and Obama camps in terms of their election night parties! In Chicago it’s way beyond enthusiastic, and in Arizona they’re practically singing a dirge—literally!

7:31 PM—We have a big win for the Dems as Hagan wins North Carolina! Woohoo!

8:00 PM—Another bout of closings, McCain gets KS, WY and ND, Obama gets NY, MI, MN, WI, RI. A lot of other too close/too early to calls.

8:26 PM—Obama wins OH. Now he only needs to keep the Kerry states and wins. It’s over. If he wins CA, OR, WA and HW, which he will, Obama wins the election.     

8:35 PM—Obama gets NM. Yep. It’s over.

8:37 PM—Obama closes in on Virginia cutting the lead to 7000 votes.

8:41 PM—CNN reports no Republican since Lincoln has won without Ohio.

9:01 PM—Sorry to anyone who is reading, which isn’t much from what I can tell, but I’ve gotten to caught up to blog. Congratulations to President Barack Obama.



  1. Obama, Obama, Obama. I want that man to win badly for the sake of America/Canada relations.

    Comment by Liam McGuire — November 4, 2008 @ 5:25 pm | Reply

  2. 200/90 OBAMA

    Comment by Liam McGuire — November 4, 2008 @ 8:32 pm | Reply

  3. Back in February, I bet my girlfriend that Obama would win the democratic nomination over the rest of the field (with the caveat of Al Gore not entering the race). Now, this amazing individual is exceeding even my expectations. If he runs the country with the same skill and efficiency that he ran his political campaign, America is in good hands.

    Comment by Joe — November 5, 2008 @ 12:05 am | Reply

  4. The election is history, punctuated by two fine speeches, one a concession and one a magnificent call to action. Now if he can just president as well as he can talk!

    Comment by ShakySpker — November 5, 2008 @ 1:33 am | Reply

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