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June 1, 2009

O'Reilly on Tiller Terrrorist Attack

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O’Reilly says that everything he said was true and was fact. That’s not exactly true, unless you don’t account the vast majority of what he said about Tiller. He said that Tiller was murdering babys. Not true, he provided legal abortions. He siad that Tiller would perform illegal abortions. Not true. Every abortion he perfromed was apparenlty legal, which is why it got thrown out of court. He said that Tiller was able to perfrom "On Demand" abortions. He didn’t. All the late term abortions were signed by another Doctor.

Finally I’d like to point out that the guest attorney there is obfuscating the truth. He talks about the legal system and being aquitted not meaning you haven’t done anything wrong. While that’s true generally, it’s not applicable here. (It doesn’t mean you did do something wrong either, a fact which should be pointed out.) The reason it’s not applicable here is that it was a Grand Jury, which means they didn’t find enough evidence that a crime was committed. What happened was he was brought up on trumped up charges and the Grand Jury didn’t feel there was a crime committed, which legally speaking means you didn’t do anything wrong.

Bill O’Reilly is gong to have to meet his maker too. A fact he might want to remember.


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