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July 10, 2009

It’s Official the Michael Jackson Reporting Has Gotten Out of Control

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When I saw this headline on the CNN feed I knew, the Michael Jackson story had gotten out of control.

Psychics see magic in Michael Jackson’s life

So I’m wondering, is this supposed to be actual news? Are things so desperate that we are actually interviewing psychics and numerologists to try and get more insight into the whole thing? What’s really pathetic is the way they report it as though there’s something credible here. Is this what the MSM has been reduced to? What comes next, a medium interviewing Michael Jackson about his death and what to do with his kids? Note the idiotic bullet that elucidates that in 20 years he will be reincarnated.

The Congress is battling over health care reform. The troops are pulling out of Iraq. CIA is lying to Congress. The Republican party is in shambles and the so called “C House” is emerging as one of the most bizarre and influential groups in the country The CNN feed has nothing about that. Who has time for such trivial things when they can interview Psychics about “Magic being in Michael Jackson’s life”

Can we put the “News” back in the Cable “News” Network? Or maybe they figure if a comedy channel can do comedy as news a news channel can do news as comedy.


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