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August 10, 2009

Knee Jerk or Just Jerks? An Open Letter to Closed Minded Conservatives

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All of the news this last week has been about whether the “citizens” who are upsetting the town hall meetings are really just random, angry citizens or if the commotion is being orchestrated by the corporate powers that are trying to prevent the passage of health care reform. Whichever it is to me is really irrelevant. It’s either the knee jerk reaction of an ignorant few who spend all their time listening to drug addled blow-hards disseminate false information about what the reform means, or its people pretending like they care and are really just jerks who don’t are doing it for a paycheck more than for a conscience. If this is you, then I’m talking to you now. Honestly, I don’t care if you’re angry. I’m angry too, but the difference between your anger and my anger though is my anger is justified.

I’m tired to death of your sanctimonious, ignorant attitude. I’m tired of ignorance, and willful ignorance at that, being presented as some sort of virtue shrouded in words like “ordinary American” or “common Joe.” I don’t believe that ignorance is “ordinary”, a though around the gaggle of geese you associate with it’s probably far more common than it should be. Ignorance, my fellow citizen, is nothing to be proud of. If you are literate then ignorance is either the product of laziness or closed mindedness, and neither of those is a virtue. Instead of going out and prattling endlessly on about, “Just say no!” why don’t you take the five minutes it would take to learn what the heck you are saying no to? As the conservative talking heads keep coming on the TV and telling me what you don’t agree with it strikes me that nothing that you don’t agree with is actually what’s being discussed. If you’ve heard yourself talking about “socialized medicine” or “single payer” or “Canada” then you are ignorant. Now I want to be clear, that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. It’s not a matter of interpretation and it’s not a matter of spin—it’s a matter of truth. None of the proposals on the table are any of those things. Now it’s true that some of us wish those things were on the table, but they aren’t.

Furthermore I’m tired of knowledge being treated as anathema. I’m tired of being called a “MSNBC” watching “liberal” and “elitist” and “thinking I’m better than everyone else” because I have the unmitigated gall to learn. Learning is not the end of all evils. And one really has to stop and wonder just what the heck is going on in this country when we have to start defending things like learning. If you think learning is bad then you really need to stop and think about what your position.

Now, you might say, “It’s not just learning, it’s what you learn.” Well, hey, I’m fine with that. I’m all for an informed debate, but the debate should still be centered on facts, and there should be a reasonable discourse and acceptance of things that are proven, and disproven. So, for instance, the word “Socialism” has a definition, an actual meaning. If your definition of socialism is different from the meaning of the word socialism, it’s not a matter of opinion what the word really means. The English language isn’t dependant on your definitions, and your attempt to dress things up in wrong, inflammatory language, doesn’t change it. Calling something that isn’t socialism socialist doesn’t make it socialist, it makes you wrong. Or, for another example, declaring resolutely that Barack Obama was not born in the United States is not acceptable argument. The fact is indisputable, and telling me that some old lady in Kenya claims differently doesn’t change reality. We’re living in a real world, and in the real world Obama was born in the US. Your inclination to take her word over the word of over 50 journalists, a governor, and whoever else who have actually handled Obama’s birth certificate is not a matter of “opinion” it’s a matter once again of willful ignorance.

But this is all just frosting on the cake isn’t it? You keep wanting to talk about how Obama is going to ruin the country. The fact is, it’s already been ruined by the Republicans, and no, I’m not exaggerating in the least. To create an analogy it’s like some drunk got behind the wheel of a car and ran it into a brick wall, over and over and over again. Then they rolled it down a giant hill end over end, smashing it into a pulp on the way down. Then they picked it up with a helicopter flew up 200 feet in the air and dropped it on the ground. Now, Obama wants to hook the car up to a tow truck to take it to the repair shop and your complaining about how he’s risking scratching the paint. Your guys already ruined the country! You had control of the entire government for six years, and all you did was pile drive it repeatedly and mercilessly. The reason we are in a recession, the reason we had to have a bank bailout (and let there be no mistake about it, there is far more blame for that on the Republicans than the Democrats), the reason we had to have an auto bailout is all because you spent the last eight years doing exactly what you wanted to do. Don’t piss and moan that someone wants to fix what you broke now.

You inherited the largest surplus in the history of the country and turned it into the largest deficit, and now you want to pass yourselves off as fiscally responsible? You’ve got to be kidding me! Every time a Republican gets in the White House all he does is spend, spend, spend. Yet, that doesn’t matter to you because he’s not spending the money on people, he’s spending the money on “defense.” The only problem is that the money isn’t going into defending our country it keeps going into attacking other countries. Now you want to get all upset over the notion that we’re going to spend money on healing people? You’ll spend unlimited amounts of money on killing people, but you won’t drop a dime to heal a person. And then you want to talk about how you are “pro life.” It seems the only life you want to preserve is the unborn one.

You with your high minded, self righteous rhetoric don’t even pause to think before you just start reacting to things do you? Has it occurred to you in all your “pro life” ideology that the best thing for reducing abortions in this country is not making it illegal, but making delivery viable? It’s been a well established fact that money is the number one reason women get abortions. I know it doesn’t jibe well with your cackling witch mentality of women who get abortions, but most of them who would be able to bring healthy babies to term that get abortions do so because they simply can’t afford the process of birth. Are you aware that the abortion rates in the US are higher than in Western Europe or Northern Europe where all those “liberals” live? Where they have that “socialized medicine?” In fact the US abortion rate is 50 percent higher than what it is in Western Europe! So, in all your talk about the evils of abortion, how about supporting national health in care in some way, shape or form? I know, it’s so much easier to make it about how the “mother should have thought of that before she had sex” and be pompous about it, but how about making this about the baby’s life. If you want the baby to be born so bad, why not pay for it?

In all your banshee screaming about how we are going to become a communist country if we allow a public option to pass has it dawned on your small world view that, if in fact you are right, this is your big opportunity to prove it.? The whole notion that has driven the fiscal policy of the conservatives for the last 30 years is that all things private are better. Well, a public option is just what it says it is. It is an option for public health insurance. It’s the opportunity for public to go head to head against private. This is the big ho-down, the Wrestlemania of economics, the opportunity to once and for all prove that private enterprise works better. But where’s the spirit of competition now? All we hear about is how private insurance won’t be able to survive if there’s competition from the public sphere. Look, you either believe that private enterprise will work better or you don’t. Let the competition happen, what do you have to lose except your opinion?

In your topsy-turvy world of ignorance you’ll shout the very opposite of what is true, just to be sensational. You want to make it sound like legislation (introduced by Republicans incidentally) that actually protects your right to determine what would happen to you if you were in a situation where you were being kept alive solely by machines, is the exact opposite. Those who tell you otherwise are lying to you. There’s no secret plan to kill old people here, there’s nothing that’s going to tell you have to die. All there is a way to pay for a living will, a protection of your right to determine whether you will be kept alive or not. These accusations that the government is going to tell you to die are untrue. It’s just a flat out, bold faced lie, and that’s the fact. It’s just easier for you to believe that we are “evil” and you’ll accept anything any of the liars from your side of the aisle say that support that notion. How about you accept, just for a moment, the notion, that “liberals” are human beings that don’t just want to tell you what to do?

And perhaps the most disingenuous thing of all the arguments you present is that somehow, opposing national health care is the “Christian” thing to do. While I suppose one could argue that national health care is not in the Bible, insurance companies sure as heck aren’t either. And near as I can tell Jesus never asked anyone for their insurance card before healing anyone. I’m tired of you shrouding all of your non-Christian faith in my faith. Would you please (and I mean this literally) for the love of God stop making it look like He hates poor people? Whenever you cloak your diatribe in the Bible you cause people to blaspheme God (Rom. 2:24).

So I’ve got a suggestion for those who WANT to have a debate and not get shouted down by the kooks on the right who have no knowledge, only hate and anger and ignorance to spew. Remember that duct tape you were told to buy to protect yourself from chemical weapons? Find where you stored it, take it out of that dusty drawer and bring it to a town hall meeting, and the next time one of these bone-headed ignorant blathering Rush wannabes stands up and starts yelling, combat terrorism and tape their fool mouths shut. Show them they aren’t the only “angry Americans” with a view.


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  1. WOW! righteous anger is such a beautiful thing. this is more consideration and respect than any of these ‘concerned citizens’ have shown the rest of us. ‘pro-life’ is just another distortion of the truth which is these advocates are anti-abortion – an honorable and intelligently debatable position – but pro-death in other contexts.

    Comment by nathan brazil — August 10, 2009 @ 8:17 pm | Reply

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