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July 8, 2008


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I begin blogging a bit over a year ago on Sporting News . There I rediscovered a long lost love for writing and made many friends. In that year I had my blogs viewed more than 100,000 times and started considering reaching out into a new endeavor. Most of the blogs I’ve written to this point have been sports related but I’m not merely a sports related person.

Now that’s not to say that all the blogs there were sports related, there were some that are personal and others that are political, but considering the venue I more or less restricted myeslf from engaging in too much discussion of certain things. It merely wasn’t in my consideration appropriate. Still, the itch is there to consider these things, to learn by writing (which it is my estimation that any good writer will do) and to perhaps, teach some too.

The blogs from this point forward, which I blog there will also be posted here, but there will be many that are posted here, which are not there. This is my chance to reach out, stretch and expand my mind and hopefully, to a point, gain some new readers and friends in the process.

This endeavor is a tad more risky and a lot more difficult. There, it was simple to find a community to read my entries, TSN did all of that for me. This will require more of an endeavor on my part to reach out and find new readers and to learn how to do that. In fact it is likely that few, if any, besides myself and my younger brother who helped me get this set up will ever read this entry but who knows what can evolve from this meager beginning?

There will be sports discussed here, you can be certain of that. There will be politics as well, especially as we get closer to the election. What else? I don’t know. Perhaps a little of God here and there. Whatever suits my fancy. As this is entirely "my" blog it will be entirely my rules and as such I will blog on whatever topic I deem fit. Harrumph!

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